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A microchurch is exactly what it sounds like: a smaller expression of church. All microchurches will have at least three components: worship, discipleship, and commitment to service. Worship may be streamed or created organically in the group. Microchurches may exist in homes, neighborhoods, around the dinner table, in workplaces, cafes, gyms, and other natural gathering spaces outside of the traditional church building. The early church found in Acts provides our Biblical basis.

Fresh Expression Groups

A fresh expression group involves any regularly scheduled activity, event, or gathering that incorporates at least one element of discipleship, such as prayer or scripture reading, and also includes an invitational component to deeper relationship. Fresh expressions organize around a shared activity such as: frisbee, kickball, walking, darts, boating, bowling, game night, gaming, yoga, coffee, or simply work or community relationships. You tell us what your “thing” is and we will help equip you to add a discipleship component to it.

Who We Are

The Love Your Neighbor Network is a collection of microchurches and fresh expressions seeking to live out our faith in increasingly contextual ways. Our microchurches gather for worship, discipleship, and service in our homes, neighborhoods, cafes, and even places of work. Our fresh expressions gather around a shared activity that incorporates an element of discipleship.

Upcoming Events

Join us for monthly worship services and other events throughout the Love Your Neighbor Network.

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