Tune Up + Calling Lab

March 25, 8:00 am - May 25 - 12:00 pm  |  Ebenezer UMC

Tune Up + Calling Lab | March 25th 9am -12:30pm

The Tune Up and Calling Lab is a time for the leaders of the Love Your Neighbor Network, to connect with one another over breakfast, worship, and connection. The morning is designed to help our leaders to realign to the mission of the Love you Neighbor Network, to get updates on where we are, and to understand more deeply their call to leadership. Together we will, explore the topics of evangelism, missional leadership, and casting vision while answering the questions: how do you envision your role in God’s mission at this point in your journey? And, what is your plan for living more fully into this role? This will be an exciting time together! Register Today!

Here us a brief look at our time together

8:00am – 8:40am: Worship and Devotion,

  • Introductions Meet the Fresh Expression and Microchurch Leaders.
  • The Call of all Christians
  • Updates about the Love Your Neighbor Network

9:00am 9:50am : Evangelism for Non-Evangelists, Sharing the Gospel Authentically.

  • Finding a better Starting Point
  • Putting the Good News in Context
  • Evangelizing Yourself, Evangelizing the World

10:00-11:00-   The Missional Leader, equipping your church to reach a changing world.

  • Casting Nets and Casting Vision
  • Establishing Church and Reaching the people

Breakout + Reconvene.

12:15pm – 12:30– Covenant Reading and Blessing Ceremony

  • Acknowledge new leaders and Neighborhood Churches
  • Blessings and commissioning of all Leaders.
  • Following Events and Updates
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